Day 7: First “I love you”

he…hehehe… forever fail, Soul!

Day 6: Bandages

Didn’t really have an idea for a doujinshi, so… yeah. I already let them treat their wounds last year to fulfill the “protection prompt” X,D

Day 5: Wounds

I know SoMa week is already over but paper’s done and i really wanted to do the prompts ;v;

Day 4: Loyalty

I like confident Maka >//v//<

Also i have to take a break from SoMa week since I really have to write my paper and am just procrastinating like pro… but i want to do the other prompts maybe next week! ;v;

Day 3: Insanity

I don’t even know X___x and three pages because I like to waste space ID”

Day 2: Nosebleed

I already let Soul bleed last year, so it’s Makas turn now XD”

~SoMa week 2014~

Day 1: Roommates

Yaay it’s starting again! Soma week! *___* I’m so happy about so much new OTP content <3 <3 <3 Sorry, I only get to do sketches (again) since i totally should be writing a paper right now… ahaha…

Soul being a dork and Maka in her old uniform.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ;v;


This is a calendar for SoMa Week 2014! SoMa Week 2014 will be from March 24th-March 30th.

 **Please click the calendar and then on higher resolution for more details about SoMa Week 2014.**

If you are still unable to see the text when clicking on the calender, here are the details and information provided:

We’re having another SoMa week!!! SoMa Week will be from March 24th-March 30th.

Like last year’s rules, you can do ANYTHING for SoMa Week as long as it applies to the themes and prompts for the week. You can make gifsets/photosets, edits, videos, fanart, write fanfiction, etc.  Just as long as it relates to the themes for SoMa Week, everything should be fine. Also, if you participate in SoMa Week , make sure to tag your posts for SoMa week as “SoMa Week" or "SoMa Week 2014”. If you want to participate, go for it! It’s always fun to participate and contribute and it’ll be great to see all of your posts. The more participants, the more fun it’ll be!

If you’re not participating, then simply spread the word about SoMa Week! Even if you’re unable to participate, spreading the word about SoMa Week is  a contribution in the sense that you are letting more people know about it so they can have the chance to participate. You can do so by reblogging this post and signal boosting it, or letting your friends know!

Have fun, everyone! Let’s make SoMa Week 2014 an unforgettable week!


Just like with season 1, the ending is way better than the opening~

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I laughed my ass off when that disclaimer rolled across the credits, and no one else in my theater noticed. IT WAS A TRAVESTY.

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Hopefully 2014 gets better X__x


my interpretation of Elsa’s “Let it go”

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